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School Closure Consultation Groups

Cristina here! Thank you to all of you for joining our Consultation Groups this week. We had over 100 members, followers and supporters join in our Zoom calls over the last two weeks. The feedback we received was that it was helpful to have a community of School Social Workers across the state in the same boat, without all of the "right" answers and be able to have open dialogue on what is working, what is not. We gave each other feedback while having rich dialogue around how to support our students and families during these trying times. It was a grounding experience for me. The common theme I heard from the groups was flexibility. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines flexibility as characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements. While we are rule followers and abide by our ethical standards, it has been challenging being flexible, even when being given permission by our governing boards that set those standards. We as School Social Workers we always have our students and their families well being in mind, and at this time, when they are not in the safety net of our schools, it becomes a professional challenge for us. Remember to find your networks of support, both personally and professionally. Know that CASSW is here to consult and walk along side you through this time. Thank you for your heart and dedication. We truly have the best profession.

Finally, we appreciate your patience as we upload School Closure Resources to our web page for folks to access anytime.



CASSW Webmaster


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