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Who Should Join CASSW?

The world of school social work is huge and it is hard to not only stay on top of new laws, trends, and research but it can be easy to feel isolated. We have everything you need in once place with news, blogs, forums, community groups, and seminars that not only keep you in the loop but provide you an effective way to meet others working in the field of school social work. You will get to hear from others about best practices that have worked for them and also have the opportunity to ask questions that get at the heart of what you are trying to accomplish at your site. If you identify yourself as being any of the below school or school district employees, a membership to CASSW will add to your toolbox to help your students and school or district environment.

  • School counselors

  • School therapists

  • School teachers

  • School administrators

  • District administrators

  • Students enrolled in a social work Master's program

  • Students enrolled in a social work Doctorate program

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Build community with school social workers across the state

    • Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices, attend or provide trainings with peers, find out about upcoming job opportunities with face-to-face networking & online virtual meetings 

    • Your email will be added to our regional lists and you will be invited to local gatherings, as they are announced​

  • Grow professionally by:

    • Children and Schools Journal - full access via the CASSW website

    • Annual CASSW Conference

    • Local trainings within regions

    • Monthly Zoom case consultation (board member facilitated)

  • Foster student development and leadership in the field

    • $10 annual membership for students in social work programs

    • Student Representative position on CASSW state board

    • Training and support as new social worker in the field at the annual conference

  • Network via CASSW Statewide Email List-Serve:

    • Our CASSW listserv is a popular place for job announcements, resource sharing, and state-wide consultation. Pose a question, need, or professional opportunity to our 1200+ person online community. 

  • Receive the quarterly CASSW newsletter 

    • The e-newsletter shares information about social work programs, educational and health awareness, curricular materials, current events, and clinical issues from around the state. Stay tuned to current events and issues.  

  • Cash in on awesome discounts!

    • Lowered rate for Annual CASSW Conference

    • Discounted rates for regional trainings (some regions host a training a year and others, who have plentiful district professional development opportunities, may host networking events)

  • Unlimited access to our online resource center through 

    • Useful power points, curriculum  

    • Regional workshop information

    • Representation in Sacramento regarding policy and legislation affecting school social workers 

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