National University

Dear CASSW members and prospective members,

I want to remind you of the availability of earning a PPS Credential in School Counseling through National University’s special program for CA Credentialed School Social Workers (MSWs) who wish to add a School Counseling Credential. Most all of the courses required in the agreement are now offered on-line. In 2009 Debbie Boerbaitz and I completed negotiations with the National University, School of Education, School Counseling Program faculty to implement a special credential program for MSWs with a CA PPS Credential in SSW to obtain a PPS Credential in School Counseling. This agreement was approved by CCTC 4/2009. You may view the required courses (22.5 units) in the Brochure in the attached PDF file. Cost per unit is constant statewide but may vary yearly.  Currently, the cost is $360/unit x 22.5 units = $8,100.

The special SSW-SC Program which offers the PPS Credential in SC is available statewide at the following NU campuses:

  • San Diego
  • Costa Mesa
  • San Bernardino
  • Los Angeles
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Fresno
  • Pleasant Hill (SF area)
  • Stockton
  • Sacramento
  • Redding

Have questions?

Maria Osborn, San Diego Regional Coordinator for CASSW, who has completed the SSW-SC Program at NU, has offered to help form a support network for those interested in the Program. She is willing to help answer any questions you may have regarding the Program. She may be contacted at:

CASSW and NU would like to update their records as to who has completed the Program or who is currently in it, and at which campus. Please respond to Steve Manos at:

Also, if you should run into any difficulties with NU Admissions not being knowledgeable about this new Articulation Agreement for the SSW-SC Program between NU and CASSW, please contact:

Dr. Lisa Spencer
Lead, School Counseling Program
National University
(W) 858-642-8379


Steve Manos
Organizational Liaison