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Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Leaflet CL-606,  8/2004

Contact Information:
Phone: 888-921-2682 (Credential Staff available between 1-4:45pm)

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School Social Work

The Specialization in School Social Work authorizes the holder to perform the following duties:

  • Assess home, school, personal, and community factors that may affect a student’s learning
  • Identify and provide intervention strategies for children and their families, including counseling, case management, and crisis intervention
  • Consult with teachers, administrators, and other school staff regarding social and emotional needs of students
  • Coordinate family, school, and community resources on behalf of students

Requirements for the Specialization in School Social Work
Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete post baccalaureate degree study consisting of a minimum of 45 semester units in a Commission- accredited professional preparation program specializing in school social work, including a practicum with school-aged children
  2. Obtain the recommendation of a California college or university with a Commission-accredited Pupil Personnel Services program specializing in school social work
  3. Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) (For more information, contact the CBEST Program, National Evaluation Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 340880, Sacramento, CA 94834-0880, 916-928-4001, or or see CBEST leaflet CL-667 available on the Commission’s website.) (Out-of-state applicants who have not passed the CBEST may contact their California employer about the possibility of getting a One-Year Nonrenewable [OYNR] Credential pending the passage of CBEST.) Prelingually deaf applicants for the school social work authorization are exempt from the CBEST requirement.
  4. Submit a completed application (form 41-4) [PDF], Character and Identification Clearance application (form 41-CIC), either a Livescan receipt (form 41-LS) or two fingerprint cards (FD-258) and the current application processing fee

Individuals prepared outside of California may satisfy requirements 1 and 2 by verifying completion of a professional preparation program consisting of at least 45 semester units of post baccalaureate study and a minimum of 1000 clock hours of supervised field experience, of which 450 clock hours must be school-based practice. A letter verifying practicum must be on original, official letterhead from the college or university’s education department and must accompany the application packet. The applicant must also verify eligibility for the equivalent credential authorization in the state where the program was completed. If the out-of-state preparation does not fit this pattern, the applicant must contact a California college or university with a Commission-accredited school social work program for an evaluation.