Membership Levels

CASSW Membership

Active – SSW practitioners, administrators, consultants, educators, et al. involved with schools or children’s services-$65/year

Associate – Other professionals involved with schools or children’s services. Associate members may not have voting rights until they have been a member in good standing for three (3) years-$65/year

Retired/Transitional – Retired persons from the above 2 categories who wish to remain active in the organization or those who have been laid off or are unemployed at the time of their annual dues-$50/year

Student – CASSW Membership is for individuals who are enrolled in a program leading to a Master’s degree or Doctorate in Social Work, and/or are working toward or hold the PPSC. The student membership is valid until June 30th of the year following graduation or completion of the program. (e.g., MSW graduation on May 2019, membership expires July 1, 2020)-$10/year