South Bay/San Jose


The South Bay / San Jose Regional Chapter of CASSW has a rich history of collaboration, professional development and expertise, most recently led by William “Dick” Evans of San Jose State’s School of Social Work.

We are: a collection of child, youth and family-serving Social Workers with a commitment to collaboration and support for each other and high-quality services for our school communities.

We are multi-generational, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and fully engaged in front-line, management and policy work on behalf of our clients in schools.

The South Bay / San Jose Regional Chapter of CASSW focuses on:

  • Case consultation and real-time problem solving on behalf of students and families.
  •  Professional development and coaching opportunities for interns, new graduates, ASWs, LCSWs, Supervisors, new University Instructors and other student-serving positions.
  • Intern recruitment and job search support.
  • Developmental and child-centric approaches to understanding and intervening in behavioral challenges.
  • Development of CEU and other opportunities for our membership and the community.
  •  Identifying additional content areas for discussion and inclusion in Social Work Education through our University partnerships.

This Coordinator position is open, if you are interested please contact Robert at
Local Listserv: SBASSW (South Bay Assoc. of School Social Workers)