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Thank you for looking into CASSW’s Northern Region.  The coordinator for this region is Meg Walkley, a school social worker and an Infant-Family Early-Childhood Specialist.  Meg welcomes questions about the region and about serving children 0 to 8 years and their families.  Please contact her via e-mail


To provide information to those who are exploring school social work as a potential career and to support current social workers by being responsive to their training needs and linking them to other regional, state and national efforts related to school social work.


Decades ago, one of the pioneers in the field of school social work, Dr. Marianne Pennekamp, advocated for a regional position to be added to the CASSW Board of Directors.  Her vision was to create a way to be more responsive the needs of social workers living in the rural regions in far Northern California.  Dr, Pennekamp served in this position until 2007, when Meg Walkley was mentored into the position.  Meg works collaboratively with student services providers, administrators, teachers and community based organizations to expand training on topics such as trauma, adverse childhood experiences, the impact of adversity on development and behavior, resiliency, and promoting strong social-emotional development.


The Northern California Region covers all of the counties north of the Sacramento and Bay Area Regions.  That is a lot of territory, so your Regional Coordinator, Meg Walkley, relies on you to let her know about the kind of support from CASSW you would find helpful.

Upcoming Events/ Recent Events

  • The coordinator for this region recently participated in planning and presenting at the inaugural Children’s Mental Health Summit, held September 2016. Please visit the summit website to see the list of speakers:
  • In December 2016, a web-based training from the Child Trauma Academy (CTA) will be launched. Regional school social workers are encouraged to enroll. There is no cost to participants for this training which continues twice per month through March 2017.  Contact Meg for more information.  For information regarding accessing similar trainings for your school and/or community, please visit
  • Humboldt State University (HSU) is in the final stages of developing a post MSW School Social Work program.  This on-line program is expected to begin by the Summer of 2017.

Northern CA Region